Since - 1998.

Body weight Bar

The Original Body

Weight Bar

Other suspension fitness training products on the market are primarily designed for people who are already fit. Our bar allows users to incorporate body weight resistance training while providing support and stability so everyone can receive the benefits of this established approach to exercise.

  • Uniquely designed for every level of fitness

  • Uses body weight to build your muscle, increase your flexibility and balance

  • Designed to provide affordable and effective full body workouts all from the comfort of your own home or gym.

  • Superior stability & support, making suspension fitness training available to all levels of fitness

With 1 BodyWeight Bar you can do over 20 full body exercises

More Resistance = Stronger Muscles
Use the Body Weight Bar to….

Body Weight Bar Features Includes:

  • 36” inch All Aluminum Anodized Bar
  • Six Fixed Cushioned Hand Grip Positions
  • Heavy Duty Polypropylene Straps
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Made In USA
The Original Body Weight Bar For

Personal Training & Gyms

Transform your personal training business

Increase your client base by providing a platform for older and/or less fit individuals

Be a part of our national certified and gym referral network

Offer 20-minute on line sessions or one on one in person training

Body weight Bars


Our Story

When I used to train on a daily basis, I loved the suspension training equipment in the gym but I found that the single strap design allowed for too much movement and it was too difficult for new clients that lacked the strength to use safely. One day, I had the idea to put a bar between the straps and see how it would work with my clients that needed the greater stability brought by a bar. The results were truly transformative, not only my older clients, but for many who loved the support and the variety of exercises they could now do by using the suspension bar.

After some strategic improvements, I am proud to offer you a high quality and proven product designed to give accessibility to people of all fitness levels for suspension training using their own body weight. Proudly Designed and hand-crafted in the USA. I personally guarantee every bar and I know that you and your clients will love using the Body Weight Bar.

John Stuef